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My Story

With an extensive 17-year career marked by an international flair, I've immersed myself in the dynamic world of Ecommerce across Asia. My expertise lies in Digital Strategy and Business Development, and I've had the privilege of working with some of the world's leading international brands and marketplaces. Throughout my journey, I've successfully strategized, executed, and scaled online businesses to new heights.

In 2021, I decided to stand up for myself and I ignited a transformative journey, driven by an unwavering desire for greater purpose and the pursuit of profound impact. This transformation led to the founding of iQuest for her.

From a young age, my passion for sports has been a driving force in my life, leading to my certification as a personal trainer through the ACE. This athletic background enriches my understanding of discipline and commitment, bringing a unique perspective to my leadership and executive coaching.

I further honed my skills through the prestigious ICF international and Positive Intelligence programs, making a mission to empower women in tech leadership and startup founders to unlock their full potential.


Currently, I'm deeply committed to empowering women in tech leadership and startup founders, guiding them to become the best versions of themselves. My coaching approach is centered on unlocking their full potential, enabling them to lead with both determination and a sense of balance. I firmly believe that genuine success encompasses not only driving performance but also achieving a harmonious work-life balance, setting a powerful example as a role model in the process


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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