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Ascend & Thrive 
Confidently Transitioning to a new role, Strategically Planning  

 6 Sessions/3 months - Individual Development Journey for Executive Onboarding Mastery

Embracing the unknown is crucial as a new leader and especially for women, who often face the dual challenges of breaking through glass ceilings in the professional sphere while managing societal expectations and personal commitments outside of work.

Who is it for?

If you're an executive woman preparing to step into a new leadership role, aiming to evolve into a more impactful and mindful leader within your organization – the Ascend & Thrive coaching program is tailored for you.

Executive women often seek this specialized coaching at pivotal moments of career advancement.

The specific nature of this advancement is distinct for every executive woman. It involve transitioning into a more demanding leadership role, navigating gender bias, mastering the complexities of executive decision-making, or effectively balancing the intense demands of a high-stakes position with personal well-being. 

Why Do you need an executive coaching partner?

To Navigate Unique Challenges

Effectively, leveraging an objective perspective and expert guidance to accelerate the transition process while balancing personal life commitments.

To Build Objective Perspective

 Identifying blind spots with unbiased viewpoints, challenging existing paradigms, and fostering innovative thinking

To Lead with Confidence

Establishing credibility, garners respect, and facilitating effective team leadership to set a positive trajectory for achieving strategic goals

To Establish Credibility

Fostering trust and cooperation from the team and stakeholders to implement changes and contribute to the growth and stability of the team 

To Drive Organizational success

Securing your position as a leader to enhance the overall performance. laying a solid foundation for long-term success and professional advancement.

What we help you achieve? 

Strategize your Vision

Enhance Leadership Skills

Cultivate Resilience and Adaptability 

Align your Personal Goals with Professional Objectives 

What is in the Program?

Untitled (1)_edited.jpg

Personalized 1:1 coaching Sessions (6 hours)

Coaching is a relationship uniquely shaped by your needs. The transition you aim to achieve and the objectives you establish dictate the program's content, session duration, frequency, and intensity. It's a journey entirely guided by your aspirations and preferences.


Tools & Frameworks (Unlimited access) 

You will have access to an extensive array of tools and frameworks designed to meticulously assess your challenges and significantly enhance your leadership skills. These resources are tailored to equip you with the insights and strategies necessary to adeptly navigate through change


Proven Results

The program includes concise feedback and performance tracking tools for monitoring your progress and refining your leadership approach. This systematic assessment allows for ongoing improvements, helping you establish a solid, adaptable foundation in your leadership role.

Your Investment 

To maximize the benefits of our coaching collaboration, it's essential to dedicate your complete focus to our sessions. We can fit the sessions duration to adjust to your needs and agenda. 


Consider setting aside time before and after our meetings to ensure you're in the right mindset for our discussions and to apply what you've learned afterward. Allocating approximately two and a half hours per month for this purpose is advisable.

Between our sessions, feel free to reach out, share updates, or check in as often as you find it beneficial for advancing your coaching objectives.

What happens Next?

When you are ready to partner to reflect on your new role, find out more whether this program is the right fit for your ambition and transition to new high. 

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