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iQuest For HER 

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Considering a leadership role or enhancing your management skills?

Transform your leadership potential in just 12 weeks with our Leadership Accelerator Program. Discover and leverage your unique strengths, overcome professional barriers, and pursue a fulfilling, sustainable career path.

Cohort based program with limited seats! Get selected to join the next accelerator starting in September 2024.
Apply today!


Embark on the 12-week Quest for Leadership Program, a journey uniquely crafted for the tech-savvy woman. This isn't just about climbing the career ladder; it's an immersive odyssey tailored to nurture your leadership essence, encouraging you to embrace and express your uniqueness without compromise. 

Through a dynamic blend of engaging group workshops, personalized individual coaching sessions, vibrant virtual meetups, and profound connections with fellow trailblazers, you're invited to unlock the core of your leadership identity.

Dive deep into a meticulously curated curriculum to foster your individuality, building confidence and unlocking your essence, transforming the quest into an exhilarating adventure of self-discovery. Personalized coaching ensures you receive bespoke guidance, empowering you to navigate personal hurdles and amplify your leadership prowess.

Alongside sharpening your skills, you'll become part of an empowering network of tech women, united in a quest for authenticity, where encouragement, laughter, insights, and mutual empowerment flourish

Get ready for a 12-week journey that's as delightful as it is transformative, leading you to the leadership role you're destined to fill. Welcome to your quest to authentic leadership evolution with the accelerator Program.

By the end of this program, you'll be armed with the confidence, strategies, and secret sauce needed to not only achieve tangible results for your organization but also to rocket-launch your career to the next level

Next cohort starting September 2024. Limited seats, book a call to be selected!

Why You? 

If you're aiming for a management role or want to enhance your leadership at your current job, this cohort is designed for you.


With a focus on developing leadership skills in a supportive setting, it includes personal coaching for impactful results.


Suitable for anyone, from startups to large corporations, this accelerator ensures personalized growth and readiness to lead effectively.

Why Us?

Our commitment is to empower more women in tech to ascend into leadership and management roles, aiming for not just recognition but also financial rewards $$$ let's be honest!

This program offers a unique opportunity for deep career growth, providing access to a diverse team of leadership coaches.


We are former women in tech with over a decade of leadership experience in the industry, combined with coaches who take a holistic approach to leadership development. All accredited by the International Federation of coaching (ICF) and highest standards.


Together, we bring a wealth of knowledge and strategies to propel you forward in your career.


Are you feeling stuck in your career and facing gender biases that hold you back?


Our 12-Week leadership program is designed to empower and transform professional women in tech, digital activities, and tech departments. Dive into our comprehensive curriculum to discover how we can help you break barriers, harness your unique strengths, and achieve leadership excellence.


Launching Leaders 

Onboarding & building community foundations.

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Unveil your Essence

Discover your unique leadership identity

WEEK DAYS - 3.png

Break Your Barriers

Overcome fears & step beyond comfort zones.

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Energize your leadership

Master energy for balanced, effective leadership.

Are you a woman in tech ready to take your career to the next level? Drop your email in here to receive the full 12-Week curriculum 

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Julie’s  passion drives her to empower women in tech in Asia with leadership and executive coaching to facilitate their journey and growth into exceptional leaders. Julie’s simple, yet sophisticated approach to coaching allows you to define your goals and identify the avenues to achieve them. By facilitating an environment of trust and transparency, she allows individuals to openly share their experiences and discusses the possible solutions to problems/scenarios. Supportive, genuine, and highly experienced in the corporate space.

Shivi S. - SEA Regional Integrated Marketing. Singapore

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