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Announcing the 12-Week Leadership Program for Women in Tech (September 2024)

“If we want technology to serve society, we need to ensure that women are part of building it.” — Melinda Gates

Throughout my career, I've witnessed the unique struggles women face in the tech industry, Tech departments and in Digital roles attracting more women to this Industry. As I shared in a recent interview, "If we want technology to serve society, we need to ensure that women are part of building it." This belief drives my passion for helping women in tech break through barriers and achieve their full potential.

Women often feel undervalued and overlooked, especially in leadership positions. Gender bias and stereotypes create a hostile work environment where women must work twice as hard to prove their worth.

Also, personally, I’ve felt the weight of imposter syndrome and the constant pressure to outperform male counterparts. These experiences inspired me to create a program that addresses these challenges head-on.

Reflecting on these challenges, I realized the need for a tailored approach to support women in tech. This inspired me to create a highly curated and personalized leadership program. Our 12-week journey is designed to help women overcome internal and external barriers, build a unique leadership identity, and navigate their careers with confidence and purpose to become the leader they aspire to be.

What Our Women in Tech Leadership Program Entails

Our program is a comprehensive development journey, offering:

  • 7 Weekly Workshops: Covering themes such as self-awareness, overcoming limiting beliefs, mastering energy management, conflict resolution, strategic thinking, executive presence, and inspirational leadership.

  • 3 Personalized One-on-One Coaching Sessions: Supporting participants at crucial stages: goal-setting, mid-program progress assessment, and final vision validation.

  • 2 Group Mentoring Sessions: Focusing on personal growth and leadership development, fostering peer learning and community building.

  • Direct Access to Successful Women Leaders: Through speaker sessions and Q&A opportunities, providing inspiration and real-world insights.

  • Continuous Resources and Support: Including assessment tools, feedback, and follow-up sessions to maintain strong professional networks and continuous learning.

Achieving Actionable Outcomes

Our program emphasizes real-world applications and hands-on practice. Participants leave with a clear, actionable toolkit that they can implement immediately and effectively. Personalized feedback during the 1 to 1 coaching and guidance during group workshops and mentoring ensure that theoretical knowledge is translated into practical skills.

Fostering Community and Support

Community building is at the heart of our program that's why is organize in cohorts. Participants join a supportive network of like-minded women, creating a lasting community of empowered leaders. Additionally to the unlimited access to the community platform and chats, we offer monthly masterclasses for continuous learning and connection, further enhancing their growth and support network.

Designed for Agents of Change

This program is for women driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact. It helps participants develop the qualities needed to be effective change agents, such as strategic thinking, empathy, and integrity.

Ready to elevate your impact and join our transformative Women Leadership Program? Book a call to get the FULL CURRICULUM for the next cohort Starting in September 2024.

This conversation will help us understand your goals and ensure the program aligns with your aspirations. Begin your journey to becoming a leader who inspires change and leads with purpose.

Embrace this journey and unlock your full potential to develop your unique leadership style.


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