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Julie Landau - executive women career  coach

Hi, I'm Julie Landau,

Welcome to your path to leadership, where we specialize in elevating professional women who want seamless


Tailored coaching to guide executive women and female founders through pivotal transitions 

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ICF International Coaching Federation
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What we help you Achieve?

We equip you with the tools and strategies to master your career transitions, to overcome challenges to lead confidently and realize a sustainable growth through every professional evolution

Strategic Planning

Confident Leadership

Wellness and Resilience


Julie landau - executive women coach


Become a visionary leader, transforming transition into Triumphs 

Leveraging my talent and experience I work with you to  feel confident transitioning  to fulfill your vision and achieve your goals


As an accomplished executive woman or innovative founder, you're no stranger to the demands of leadership. Yet, when faced with transitions like a new role, career shift, or life changes such as motherhood or retirement, a sense of uncertainty can emerge.


Questions about adapting while staying true to yourself, and how to thrive in these new chapters without losing your core, often arise. This transition, rich with opportunity, can sometimes feel like charting a course through uncharted waters.


Feeling a sense of stagnation despite past successes, yearning for further growth and new challenges

You May Feel


Battling self-doubt and questioning one's abilities, even in the face of evident competence and success.


Struggling to juggle the demands of a high-powered career with personal life, leading to stress and exhaustion


Experiencing loneliness and a lack of understanding or support from peers in a predominantly male-dominated environment


Facing and navigating systemic gender biases and stereotypes in the workplace, which can hinder career progression and self-expression

Let's uncover your next steps together

Tailored for executive women, we delve into the specific issues you face to achieve the major goals you've been aspiring to

Clarify Vision

We focus sharply on defining your goals and overcome the barriers that impede your progress — both professionally and personally.

Choose Priorities 

We harmonize your professional focus and actions with your aspirations. Amidst a myriad of responsibilities, we help you discern and target the most impactful tasks to work on next.

Conquer your Ambitions

I'm committed to ensuring you stay true to your aspirations and goals. I will provide steadfast guidance and thought-provoking insights as you strive to cultivate the business and life you envision.

The Founder of iQuest For Her

Julie Landau executive career coach for women

A bit about me, Your Transitioning Ally

I've 17 years of cross-functional executive experience in leading companies such as Alibaba Group, Capgemini Consulting and startups across Europe &  Asia, specializing in Ecommerce, Digital Transformation, and Business Strategy for tech Services transitioning through new roles, companies and countries.

In 2021, I embarked on a new transformative journey, fueled by an unwavering desire for greater purpose, balanced-life and profound impact, leading to the creation of iQuest for Her.

My professional executive background combined with my passion for sports and skills from the prestigious ICF international and Positive Intelligence programs, bring a unique perspective to my leadership and executive coaching programs for Women and Organizations.

My transitional coaching approach focuses on guiding you through your unique evolutions with determination and balance. I believe that true success encompasses not only high performance but also a harmonious work-life balance during times of change. As a role model in transitional coaching, I strive to set a powerful example, empowering you to navigate your transitions with strength and grace.

Julie   Landau
International coaching federation member
ACE accreditation

Post-Coaching Testimonial

Julie’s  passion drives her to empower women in tech in Asia with leadership and executive coaching to facilitate their journey and growth into exceptional leaders. Julie’s simple, yet sophisticated approach to coaching allows you to define your goals and identify the avenues to achieve them. By facilitating an environment of trust and transparency, she allows individuals to openly share their experiences and discusses the possible solutions to problems/scenarios. Supportive, genuine, and highly experienced in the corporate space.

Shivi S. - SEA Regional Integrated Marketing. Singapore

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